Alex Saint Croix

I just ran into a rather annoying roadblock.

// Will not compile, because you can't make generic arrays in Java!
x = new Tuple<Float,Tuple<Slope,Direction>>[24][24];

Rather serious bummer, but probably for the best all the same. I spent some time digging for a generic 2D matrix implementation, to no avail. In general, I try to find these things online before I sit down to roll my own.  I think in this case I’ll just make some sort of data bean for this, but what a serious bummer.

Once I’m done with the proof of concept rendering pipeline for this I’m going to very seriously investigate moving it all to Scala.  It’s already evolving into a stream-processing computational model.  Basically, nothing but lots and lots and LOTS of functions mapped over filtered lists, list transforms, and so on.

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